5 things you might not know about learner insurance

5 things you might not know about our insurance

If you’ve just joined us or have been practising for a little while we thought we’d let you know about a 5 cool features of Collingwood Learner Driver Insurance. It may help you get more practice and gain more experience in the car specified on your policy.

  1. The learner can use the insured car for driving lessons. Whether you have a Short-term or Annual policy you can use your car to have lessons with your driving instructor. Some driving instructors (not all) will offer a discount when not using their car (worth asking).
  2. Get into trouble/driving test. If you get into trouble your supervising driver can drive your car back home under the same level of cover you currently hold. That includes driving instructors and back from the test centre regardless of the result.
  3. You can take your test in your car. It’s a question we get asked quite often. Yes, you can take your test in the car specified on your policy. Just remember that if you do pass you’ll no longer be covered as a learner and the supervising driver should drive the vehicle home (see point 2).
  4. Other Insurance. If you own the car then you don’t need any other insurance other than your Learner Driver cover. This might seem logical, but some other learner insurers won’t cover a vehicle that does not have another insurance policy on it, which can be tricky if you own the car. If the car belongs to a friend or family member then they will be required to have insurance when you’re not using it.
  5. Half Price. You can add a second car half price. If you’ve found that you could have had access to another car, why not add it for half of the premium cost when taking out further cover. Applies to short-term policies only and can only be done when taking out a new policy or adding further cover. The second car cannot be owned by the policyholder.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and get practising!!!