There are significant changes being made to the theory test to make it more accessible for those who have a difficulty reading (for example dyslexia, learning disabilities and a developmental condition (an example being autism).

The changes are currently only applied to car theory tests, to begin with. Other vehicle theory tests may follow in future.

What Are The Changes Being Made?

Currently, the test involves reading a case study and then answering five questions. The change that has been made to the test means the learner will no longer read a case study. They will now be required to watch a video clip and answer three questions after the video.

the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency has given examples of the type of questions they will ask.

You’ll answer questions like these:

“Why are motorcyclists considered vulnerable road users?”

“why should the driver, on the side of the road, look out for motorcyclists at junctions?

“in this clip, who can cross the chevrons to overtake other vehicles, when it’s safe to do so? “

The answer will require the learner to select one of four options.

When Will These Changes Take Place?

These changes will take place from 14th April 2020, so if a learner fails a test prior to that date and needs to retake it, it would be under the new format. The same will apply your test is cancelled and your new test date is from 14th of April 2020.

What Isn’t Changing?

All of the books and software to prepare you for your test will still be relevant and will remain the same.

The Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency has confirmed that you will still need to answer 50 questions in 57 minutes. To pass you will still need to get 43 (or more) out of 50 correct.

It is also important to mention that there will not be any changes yet to the following theory tests:

  • Motorcycle
  • Lorry
  • Bus or Coach
  • Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) Part 1