Demist your windscreen

Winter Driving Hacks – Demisting your windscreen

When you’re in a hurry, walking out to find that your car is misted up and that you can’t see out of any of the windows can be frustrating. Regardless of what you might have seen some people do this is where you, stop and wait until the windows are clear before starting your journey. Peeping through the tiny circle of demisted glass isn’t a good or safe idea.

Driving with a foggy windscreen is illegal as it puts you, other drivers and those around you in danger. Unless you’re lucky enough to keep your car in a garage, demisting the windows becomes a daily task throughout the winter months, so knowing how to do it quickly and effectively can give you a head start on your journey.

Use and share the below guide to demist your windows in double quick time to get yourself on the move quickly and most importantly safely.

Demist Tip 1 – Keep your windows clean

Cleaning your windscreen can go a long way to stop it from misting up in the first place. To go the extra mile, there are products you can use to clean your windscreen that reduce and even prevent moisture from forming on the windshields in the first place. You can get anti-fog glass cleaner from most supermarkets for a few pounds.


A little know hack is to apply shaving foam and then wipe it off which gives similar results, albeit a bit messier. SCUBA divers do this to their masks to stop them from steaming up under water.

Demist Tip 2 – Air-Con and Climate control

We’re not trying to con you (painful pun sorry), but switching your air-con on at the same time as having the air directed at the windscreen helps by drying the air that is hitting the windscreen,  clearing it faster. Air-con units have a dryer/condenser that helps to remove moisture from the air as its cooled.

If you have climate control, there will probably be a button or setting for demisting the windscreen, which essentially automates the above process you.

Demist Tip 3 – Use your windows

If you don’t have air-con or climate control, then opening your windows can help demist the windscreen faster. This is done by allowing more air to circulate in the cabin which reduces the amount of water vapour in it. This is similar to how drying your washing on a line makes the process quite a bit quicker.

Demist Tip 4 – Get the most from your heating

Don’t wait for your car to warm up, get the heater blowing while its cold, then as the engine warms up slowly increase the temperature, this will help to wick the moisture away from the windscreen. By slowly increasing the temperature it stops the car from drawing in the damper air. On a freezing windscreen even with the heater set to cold the air coming out of the vents will be warmer than the temperature of the cabin.

To get the best results, make sure you position your air vents to direct the air at the most affected areas, you might have to grin and bear the cold for a while until the car has fully demisted.

Demist Tip 5 – Magic Button

Most, if not all, cars have a heated rear screen heater and I bet many have asked the question as to why these are not on the front. Well if you own a Ford or a Mercedes, it’s worth checking as some models have had this feature since the 80/90s such as the Ford Escort XR3i.

Key Points to Remember:

  • Don’t drive with your vision impaired as its illegal and the consequences are not worth the time-saving; and
  • Don’t leave your car unattended while the engines running. If its stolen it will void your insurance.