How to get Cheap Learner Driver Insurance

10 Tips That Learner Drivers Need to Know Before Buying Insurance

If you're looking for cheap learner driver insurance, there are a couple of key points you need to be aware of when it comes to getting insurance quotes and purchasing your first insurance policy. 1. Duration This may sound a little strange, but the lowest prices aren't always the cheapest option in the long run. [...]
Learner drivers on motorways

Motorway Driving Demystified

The news rules came into effect on 4th June 2018, allowing learner drivers in a dual-control car with L-plates to now practice driving on motorways in England, Scotland and Wales under the supervision of an approved driving instructor. This is to ensure you as a learner driver know how to use the motorways safely. Before [...]
Summer Driving Tips

Summer Driving Tips

Make the most of the beautiful weather with Collingwood. Use your car for lessons, to practice in and to take your test. Just remember to tell us as soon as you pass your driving test! Motorbikes and Bicycles The number of bikes of both varieties will be at their highest in the summer, watch out […]

Top 10 reasons people fail their driving test

Top 10 Reasons People Fail the British Driving Test

If you’re getting ready to take your test or just starting out, then learning how to avoid the Top 10 Potential Pitfalls could help you get gain your full driving licence that bit sooner! We’ve been talking to the nice chaps over at Safe Driving For Life who have compiled the list and created some amusing videos to illustrate the most […]

5 things you might not know about learner insurance

5 things you might not know about our insurance

If you’ve just joined us or have been practising for a little while we thought we’d let you know about a 5 cool features of Collingwood Learner Driver Insurance. It may help you get more practice and gain more experience in the car specified on your policy. The learner can use the insured car for driving lessons. […]

Can you take your driving test in your own car?

The short answer is yes, with Collingwood you can.  You can use your car for driving lessons, private practice and take your practical driving test.  Extra practice in your own car means that you will feel more familiar with the vehicle, which may increase your chances of passing. While many people use their driving instructor’s […]