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Free Learner Driver Progress Tracker

When you’re learning to drive its a good idea to keep track of your progress, to help with this, we’ve put together a handy download that lets you record what you’ve covered with your instructor, in private practice and log all of your driving hours and distance.

The progress tracker is based on the recommended syllabus for learning to drive and lists the competencies necessary for safe driving. It will help a learner driver to see what progress they have made and identify the areas still to be covered as well as those that may require additional practice.

The progress tracker has two separate parts the first part covers competencies for driving and comments for additional information such as the driving instructor leaving notes on each task for the parent or supervising driver to use during private practice.

In the second part, when you’re out with a friend or relative its advisable to record the type of driving experience the learner has gained. You can use this part of the form to note what you did by either just ticking the box or recording the duration. You may experience several different driving conditions each time you’re are out, for example, you drove in the daylight on dry roads in the county and in town, just time all the boxes in that row that you have covered.

The learner can record lesson dates and road conditions to create an overall picture of the type of driving and conditions they have experienced to date. To build out a complete picture, you can also record the time and distance covered for each.

Download the Progress Tracker

Learner Driver Progress Tracker

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