Car Insurance for Over 50s

See how much money you could save with Collingwood car insurance which is designed for drivers age 50 to 75 and retired.

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Over 50s Car Insurance from the Experts

Age should come with some advantages. We value your experience and think you will love our excellent customer service and have made every effort to make getting car insurance as simple as possible.

Most drivers who reach 50 and above have plenty of driving history and can prove how good a driver they are. You may have received a renewal price that seems to forget that, or you could be paying for more (or less) cover than you currently need.

Insurance With Benefits

At Collingwood, we believe that drivers who are over 50 deserve better and have tailored our customer service and selected an insurance provider that can get you on the road quickly and efficiently.

Additional driver option*

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24 hour Claims helpline
Monthly and annual payment options
UK contact centre
Optional Breakdown Cover
Immediate online documentation

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