Summer Driving Tips

Summer Driving Tips

Make the most of the beautiful weather with Collingwood. Use your car for lessons, to practice in and to take your test. Just remember to tell us as soon as you pass your driving test!

Motorbikes and Bicycles
The number of bikes of both varieties will be at their highest in the summer, watch out for undertaking bicycles, and overtaking and turning motorcycles. As the signs say, THINK BIKE!

Tread depths and tyre pressures are very important and should be checked regularly or before a long trip. In the excess heat, tyres can also be more susceptible to degradation.


With summer comes the summer traffic. Be prepaid to be stuck behind slower moving cars towing caravans or tractors and make sure you’re not rushing or getting frustrated. Relax and enjoy the weather.

Distracted Drivers
When the sun is out some drivers are more likely to be out with friends, have their music turned up or just enjoying the scenery. Watch for erratic behaviour and give them a wide birth. Better to avoid them if possible.

There are a few things heat can do to your car that you might not expect. The warmer the air, the less dense it is so your car can generate less power, making pulling away that little bit more difficult. You’re also more prone to overheating. If you find the temperature gauge rising turn off the aircon and set the heater to max, this reduces the load on the engine and helps to dissipate the heat.

Road Works
There are two seasons, winter and construction… When waiting at roadworks, try not to keep switching lanes if you have start/stop use it and if not, turn off your engine when stationary for extended periods.