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Lisa Makayi

‘My car was stolen, I was very distressed as it was my first car. I contacted the Collingwood Claims department and they were very helpful and empathetic.

I was still in shock but I do remember this. The claims department advised I could make the claim, but this was up to me. They would send me a form to fill out so I could fill this out in my own time, again I found this helpful. Unfortunately, the police did not find my car and I didn’t actually send back the form as I decided not to make a claim but it was nice that I had this option.

Overall, I would describe my experience as a 9 out of 10, this is because the lady was very helpful and she actually listened to me as I was still in shock and matched my pace. She also explained everything I had to do, she even explained how I could get my money back for my payment for the month of insurance I hadn’t used. I would recommend Collingwood.’

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