Learner Driver Insurance

Provisional insurance to help you get extra driving practice in your own car, or in a friend or family member's car, with no risk to their No Claims Bonus.

We offer competitive learner driver insurance, available from 28 days up to 12 months. Plus, we can give you a quote and get you on the road in minutes!

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What is Learner Driver Insurance?

As a provisional driving licence holder, Collingwood can help you get that all important extra driving practice with the help of our learner driver insurance. You can learn to drive in a family member or a friend’s car, with no risk to their No Claims Bonus*.

If you are a car owner, we offer learner driver insurance on your own car, and you’ll have the opportunity to start earning your own accelerated No Claims Bonus*.

Check out our Ultimate Learner Driver Insurance Guide to find more answers to your provisional insurance questions.

How Does Learner Driver Insurance Work?

Number 1

First, consider if you would like learner driver insurance for a 12 month period, known as Annual Cover, or for a shorter amount of time. Our Short Term Learner Driver Insurance starts from just 28 days
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Next, fill in a short form. All we require is your name, provisional driving licence number, UK address, date of birth and vehicle information (including the registered keeper’s details)

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Then, get your quote. With just those few details we can provide you with a competitive quote in minutes

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Finally, purchase your learner driver insurance via credit or debit card and get that extra driving practice!

What Are The Benefits of Learner Driver Insurance For Provisional Licence Holders?

Great Value Learner Driver Insurance
Collingwood Annual Learner Driver Insurance can start from as little as 64p/day**

No Risk to Vehicle Owners No Claims Bonus
When you take out provisional insurance on a friend or family member's vehicle, their No Claims Bonus won't be affected if you need to make a claim

No Curfews When You're Learning to Drive
We don't place any curfews on the times you can practice learning to drive

Accelerated No Claims Bonus for Learner Drivers
If you are insuring your own car, you will have the opportunity to earn an accelerated No Claims Bonus

We Could Offer You New Driver Insurance
Once you pass your driving test, we may be able to offer you a competitive New Driver Insurance quote

Get a Quote on Your Learner Driver Insurance

male learner driver smiling looking ahead
Annual Provisional Insurance
Our Annual Learner Driver Insurance starts from as little as 64p/day, and that's a policy in your own name meaning you can even earn your own accelerated No Claims Bonus*.
Young female learner driver in blue car with sun shining
Short Term Provisional Insurance
Short Term learner Driver Insurance, available from 28 days to 24 weeks with the ability to top up from just 7 days. Our short term policies allow you to have gaps in cover and top up when required.

What Are The Benefits of Learner Driver Insurance for Parents?

You can insure your child to drive your car with zero risk to your No Claims Bonus

Private practice is an excellent way of reducing the cost of learning to drive whilst increasing the experience and confidence of the learner driver

You can provide your child with a more flexible, or additional, option when they are learning to drive; meaning they don't have to always work around a driving instructors schedule

As a Provisional Licence Holder, Why Do I Need Learner Driver Insurance?

You would like to learn to drive in your own car with a driving instructor, or you would like to learn to drive in a friend or family member's car
You want to practice driving with a friend or family member in their car

You want to practice driving outside of your usual driving lesson in a car that you do not own

Who Can Teach Me to Learn to Drive Outside of My Driving Instructor’s Car?

Your supervising driver must be at least 21 years old

Your supervising driver must hold a full UK or EU driving licence for a minimum of 3 years

Your supervising driver must be qualified to drive the type of vehicle you are driving (e.g. a manual car licence if you are driving a manual car)

Your supervising driver must sit in the front passenger seat of the vehicle

What Do Our Customers Say About Collingwood Learner Driver Insurance?

Why Choose Collingwood for Provisional Driver Insurance?

Highly Rated
We are rated 'Excellent' on Trustpilot with over 7,000 reviews!

Award Winning
We are an award winning and customer focused insurance broker, recognised as a provider of competitive provisional driver insurance
Instant Cover
Complete a quick form and get a quote today. Your learner driver insurance cover can start as soon as you're ready

Flexible Cover
Collingwood Learner Driver Insurance is available on a short term or annual basis. You can also pay for your insurance monthly or annually

Learner Driver Insurance FAQ’s

Below, we’ve answered some of the most common questions regarding our Learner Driver Insurance. We also have a more detailed FAQ section available and you can head to our blog In The Driver’s Seat for the latest provisional driver news, hints and tips.

What is learner driver insurance and how is it different to provisional insurance?

Essentially, learner driver insurance and provisional licence insurance are the same thing. Learner driver insurance covers a learner driver whilst they practice driving with a friend or family member. There are a few rules about who you can learn to drive with.

Can more than one learner driver be on the same policy?

Each learner driver is required to hold their own insurance policy. However, more than one learner driver can drive the same car.

Can I take my driving test in my own car?

Yes. You will need to take your insurance policy documents with you and ensure the car meets certain requirements set by the government. We’ve provided a summary below, but we advise you to read the full list of requirements on the government website.

  • The car must be taxed
  • The car must be roadworthy and have a current MOT (if it’s over 3 years old)
  • The car must have no warning lights showing, for example the airbag warning light

Can I earn a No Claims Discount whilst I learn to drive?

Whilst you will not earn a traditional No Claims Discount, following the termination of your policy and having completed at least 10 consecutive months of claim free driving, we will provide a letter on a single occasion confirming an entitlement to 1 year No Claims Discount for presentation to a new insurer.

Can I purchase Collingwood Learner Driver Insurance on more than one vehicle?

You can cover more than one vehicle, providing you purchase a separate policy for each vehicle. Log into your existing online account and click ‘Existing Customer New Quote’ to begin the process.

I haven't found a driving instructor yet, can Collingwood help with that?

Whilst we can’t specifically recommend a driving instructor to suit your requirements, we do have our handy Find an Instructor tool. All you need to do is enter your postcode and our helpful tool will locate driving instructors that are close to you.

As a vehicle owner, do I need to have my own insurance policy on the vehicle that the learner driver is insuring?

Yes. As the registered owner/keeper of the vehicle, you must have the vehicle insured in your own name for the duration of the Collingwood Learner Driver insurance policy. A “driving other cars" extension does not qualify as adequate vehicle insurance.

As the vehicle owner, must I supervise the Provisional Driving License Holder if they are driving my car?

No. The learner driver must however be accompanied by a person over the age of 21, who has held (and still holds) a valid full UK/EU driving licence in the same category as the vehicle they are driving, for at least 3 years.

*Subject to terms and conditions and underwriting criteria.