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Collingwood Courier Insurance provides flexible cover if you use your vehicle for food or parcel deliveries.

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What is Courier Insurance?

Collingwood Courier Driver Insurance offers protection for you and your delivery vehicle.

If you carry goods for other people, or materials in return for payment, our Courier Insurance is for you! Our courier insurance covers both vans and cars as for traditional parcel and fast food deliveries.

Do I need Courier Insurance?

If you’re aged 21–70 and use your vehicle to deliver parcels, work for a courier brand such as Amazon, DPD or Hermes, or if you deliver fast food; then you need courier insurance. You will also need courier insurance if you use your vehicle for household, office, waste and recycling removals.

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What level of cover does Collingwood Courier Insurance include?

We offer comprehensive cover against loss or damage (less any excess that applies) to the insured courier vehicle. Accidental or malicious damage to fitted accessories is also included in our courier insurance.

All Courier Insurance policies include Personal Accident Cover free of charge.

There are also no mileage limits on any of our policies and no black box installations required.

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What type of vehicle does Collingwood Courier Insurance cover?

Our courier insurance covers cars and vans up to a maximum value of £50,000 and a maximum gross vehicle weight of 3.5 tonnes.

Why choose Collingwood for your Courier Driver insurance?

Cover for all UK mainland postcodes 

Courier insurance is available throughout the UK

New couriers welcome!

Our courier insurance is perfect if you are just starting in the courier or food delivery industry

Cover for full or part-time couriers

Whether you are full time or part-time we have the right cover for you!

EU licence holders welcome

We accept courier drivers with an EU licence

Zero No claims bonus?

Don't worry we could still provide you a competitive courier insurance quote!

All Collingwood Courier Insurance policies include Collingwood Assist

In the event of a non-fault accident you will receive up to £50,000 in legal costs with no policy excess to pay. You will receive compensation for personal injury and other losses (subject to an assessment and success fee).

Courier driver insurance FAQs

Learn more about Collingwood courier driver insurance with our frequently asked questions below.

Do I need courier driver insurance?

If you use your van to pick up and/or deliver goods (whether it’s to one destination or multiple locations) then normal business use isn’t suitable for you. You will need what is called ‘hire and reward’ use instead, which is included in a Collingwood Annual Courier policy.

It will provide you with the right cover to carry goods and materials from one place to another. If you are involved in occupations like parcel delivery, light haulage, mail order delivery, fast food etc. – this is what you will need.

What can I transport with courier driver insurance?

Courier insurance covers most of the everyday items a courier is likely to carry. The policy also covers for house and waste removal. However, it does not cover high-risk items or hazardous goods.

Can I get immediate courier driver insurance cover?

Yes, providing you have a credit or debit card to make a payment we can issue you with immediate cover, subject to normal terms and conditions. 

Please note that if you choose to pay by Direct Debit we will require a deposit from you, payable by credit or debit card and you will need an account that supports the Direct Debit facility.

What type of licence must I hold to purchase courier driver insurance?

You and any additional drivers will require a Full UK Driving Licence or a Full EU Driving Licence.

Can I add additional drivers to a courier driver insurance policy?

Yes, you can add 2 additional drivers subject to underwriting criteria.

What can I use my vehicle for with a courier insurance policy?

You can use your vehicle for Social, domestic and pleasure purposes and in connection with your business or profession including use for the carriage of goods for hire or reward.

We will provide you with the right cover to carry goods and materials from one place to another. If you are involved in occupations like parcel delivery, light haulage, mail order delivery, fast food, house removals & waste removal etc. – this is what you will need.

We will not cover the conveyance of passengers for hire or reward or if the vehicle is carrying hazardous goods.

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* Terms, conditions and underwriting criteria apply. Price correct as of 04.03.22