Short-Term Learner Driver Insurance

Cover from 28 Days to 24 Weeks to drive your own or another car.

Annual Learner Driver Insurance

Learn to Drive in your own or someone else's car

Short-Term Learners

Cover from 28 Days to 24 Weeks

Annual Learner Drivers

12 Months Own Car Cover for Learners

Learner Driver Insurance

from Collingwood

As a provisional licence holder, learner driver insurance lets you insure your own or another car so you can get that all important private practice. With Collingwood, you have some great options to choose from. Our Short-term policies run from 28 days to 24 weeks with the option to top up from just 7 days or Annual cover with the ability to cancel early and get a pro-rata refund, where you could earn an accelerated no-claims bonus. You can select your preferred level of cover from Third Party, Third Party Fire and Theft or Fully Comprehensive.


Short-Term Cover

Insure your own, parents, relatives or friends car from 28 days to 24 weeks. Get out and drive with instant cover and if you’re driving someone else’s car, their no-claims bonus is protected, because if you’re involved in an accident you would make the claim on your own Insurance. You can also add a second car at a greatly reduced cost.

Annual Cover

Annual Insurance gives you 12 months of cover with the ability to cancel at any time for a pro-rata refund back to the day you cancel. You gain an accelerated no-claims bonus from just ten months and you can add a parent or spouse to your policy as a named driver free of charge. Choose from Third Party, Third Party Fire and Theft or Fully comprehensive.

Award Winning Insurance Provider

Best Specialist Insurance Provider

Collingwood are winners of the 2018 award for Best Specialist Insurance Provider. This prestigious award is voted for by customers.

DIA Best Insurance Provider Award

Winners of the DIA (Driving Instructors Association) award for Best Young/Learner Driver Insurance Provider for three years running.

We are one of the Highest Rated insurance providers on Trustpilot and have been for quite some time.

Why Choose Learner Driver Insurance

Below are some of the great benefits and options you can choose from when taking out insurance with Collingwood Learners.

Instant Cover

You could be starting your private practice within minutes. Fill in your details and get a quote today, then start your cover instantly.

Flexible Cover Options

We give you the ability to choose your cover level and policy duration. You decide on the insurance that fits you and your budget best.

Great Value

With Short-Term Insurance, you could get cover from just £1.70 a day. Our Annual cover offers competitive pricing to help you start learning to drive

Owner’s NCB Are Not Affected

If you’re insuring to drive a friend or family members car, their No Claims Bonus won’t be affected if you need to make a claim.

A Great Choice of Extras

Short-Term cover lets you take insurance on a second vehicle at a reduced price and with Annual cover you can add breakdown assistance, excess protection and more.

Simple Quotes

With Short-Term cover or Annual, the quote process is quick and easy, you could be covered to drive in as little as 5 minutes.

Any Questions?

There are a few questions that keep popping up, so we've put together a list and the answers to go with them.

What is Learner Driver Insurance

Insure Your Own Car

When you own a car and hold a current UK Provisional Driving Licence, Collingwood offers Short-Term and Annual Learner Driver insurance. Which means your car is insured to the chosen level of cover as long as the policy is in place. Plus with  Annual cover, you can add a Parent or Spouse to drive your car free of charge, on a Social Domestic & Pleasure basis and the policy provides windscreen cover, accidental damage repair & theft cover (depending on the level of cover chosen).

Insure Someone Else’s Car

This policy is designed to sit alongside the existing policy of the car your learning to drive in.

The benefit of having your own Learner driver policy is that any claim for an accident you’re involved in would be made on your own policy and would not affect the no-claims bonus of the car Owner.

Who can supervise me when I drive?

Any driver over 21yrs who has held a current and valid Full UK/EU Driving licence for at least three years. They are not required to be the car owner, but you will need the owner’s permission to insure and drive the vehicle.

Can I get cover instantly?

Yes. Just click ‘Get a Quote’ and once you’ve completed the process you can quote up to 28 days ahead, or the cover can start instantly.

Does this count as dual insurance?

Dual insurance can occur when the same car is insured for the same level of cover, for the same driver with two separate insurers.  Collingwood Learners insurance provides particular cover for the learner whilst taking tuition in someone else’s car.

What happens when I pass my driving test?

Tell us as soon as you pass your practical test. As you are no longer classed as a Learner Driver, your supervisor/instructor would be afforded the cover to take the car home from the test centre. We will be happy to refund any unused days of cover, which usually takes around 3-5 days to credit your account.

We also ask that if you should fail your test, you ask your supervisor to drive the car home. There is always next time.

Can I use the car for my test?

Yes, cover is in place to sit your Practical Driving Test whilst accompanied by a suitable supervisor driver or Instructor.  If you pass your test, your Supervisor/Instructor will be required to drive the car home from the test centre.  No stopping for Champagne on the way!

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