Short Term Learner Driver Car Insurance

Quickly build up driving skills and confidence to pass your test with short-term car insurance for learner drivers from Collingwood

With cover available from 28 days and the ability to top up from just seven days, you only pay for what you need - and prices start from as little as £1.04* per day. Start driving in a friend or family member's car, or your own - get a short-term provisional insurance quote below!

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What is short-term learner driver car insurance?

Short-term learner insurance covers your own car, or someone else’s, against theft or damage while you are practising driving in it, which is a legal requirement.

Collingwood Learner Driver Insurance lets you practice driving outside of your regular lessons for a short time, such as in the run up to your test, or to overcome a specific problem you’re regularly encountering during lessons – something the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) specifically recommends doing. Short-term learner driver insurance can last from 28 days to 24 weeks.

If you pass your test while your short-term learner driver cover is valid, it will become invalid and must be cancelled – after which a new driver policy could be a good option.

What are the benefits of short-term car insurance for learner drivers?

There are plenty of benefits to choosing a short-term provisional insurance policy, depending on your needs and circumstances.

You might find that short term learner driver insurance is more cost-effective than paying for an annual learner driver policy that covers you when you’re not learning to drive, such as if you only wish to practice outside of lessons or have access to a car for a temporary period. That’s because our short-term provisional insurance policies allow you to have gaps in your cover and to top up, stop and restart as and when you need.

If you’re driving a friend or family members car, your short-term provisional driver cover will completely protect their no-claims discount too, and you can build your own if you gain 10 months’ worth of uninterrupted, claim-free cover**.

There are two policy options with our short-term learner car insurance, including:

Fully Comprehensive , or

Third-Party Fire and Theft

All this makes short-term learner insurance a flexible option.

Accelerated No Claims Bonus*
If you manage 10 months' uninterrupted, claim-free short-term learner insurance cover, you can start building your No-Claims Bonus before you drive on your own**

**Subject to terms, conditions and underwriting criteria.

Flexible and Affordable
We offer cover from just £1.04* per day, and you can choose from 28 days up to 4, 8, 12, 16, 20 or 24 weeks, with the ability to top up from just seven days.

*Price excludes IPT and admin fees.

Choose Your Cover Level
Choose a short-term provisional insurance cover level that suits you. Fully Comprehensive or Third Party Fire and Theft. Scroll down for more information.
Protected NCD
If you’re taking out short-term learner insurance to drive someone else’s car, their no-claims discount is safe should you need to make a claim.**

Can I drive my own car or someone else’s with short-term learner insurance?

Insuring your own car with short-term cover
Own a car but only have a provisional driver licence? With Collingwood's short-term provisional car insurance, you can select different policies and cover levels, build you first year's no-claims bonus, and add a spouse or parent on the policy as a named driver.

Insuring someone else’s car with short-term insurance
Want to drive another person's car, like a friend or family member's? Short-term learner insurance sits alongside their existing car insurance policy, which means their no-claims discount is protected** while you boost your skills privately practicing in their car.

What do customers think of our short-term provisional car insurance?

We are one of the most highly rated short-term learner insurance providers out there, with a 4.9 out of 5 TrustPilot rating that we are very proud of. The secret? Our people don’t get rewarded by sales targets, they are held accountable for providing leading customer service.

 Why choose Collingwood for your short-term car insurance for learner drivers?

Award-Winning Insurance
Collingwood won the 2019 & 2020 award for 'Customer Service Champion' at the Insurance Choice Awards and the DIA (Driving Instructor Association) award for Best Young Driver/Learner Driver Insurance Provider three years running.
Supporting Driver Development
We work with organisations such as the DIA and MSA (The Motor Schools Association of Great Britain). We've also supported the Big Learner Relay for Children In Need for the past five years.
Quick Quotes for Learners
Fill in our online form and you may be able to get an instant quote for your short-term learner insurance. If you're happy with it. You can quickly purchase cover and start driving.
Upgrade Cover When You Pass
Once you've passed let us know, we'll cancel your learner cover then look to provide you with a quote as a new learner, which could be activated on the same day.

Short-term Learner Car Insurance FAQs

Find out more about your short-term learner insurance in our frequently asked question section. Visit our blog, In The Drivers Seat for plenty of learner insurance insights or head on over to our FAQ Hub.

How can I get cheap learner driver insurance, short-term?

Short-term provisional insurance is priced accordingly to factors such as the learners’ age, how old their vehicle is and its type. Collingwood’s short-term cover starts from £1.70 per day**, and our approach means we’re always on the lookout for ways to get the best short-term car insurance for learner drivers. For a clearer idea use our quick quote calculator. 

Do I need short-term learner insurance if I have a provisional licence?

If you want to drive outside of your lessons, but won’t be driving all the time, or need to do so for a brief period of days or weeks, learner insurance is a legal requirement, and short-term cover may be a cost-effective option. If you are only driving with your instructor, in their vehicle, you would normally be covered under their insurance policy, the cost of which is usually incorporated into the cost of your tuition.

How does short-term learner insurance work?

If you take out a short-term learner insurance policy, you will be protected from third-party damage, fire, theft and damage you inflict on the car, depending on your specific level of cover, while you drive your or another named persons vehicle.**

You must have a full UK or EU driving licence holder in the car with you when you drive, and you must have a provisional, not full, driving licence. If your short-term provisional insurance ends or you pass your test, your cover will cease to be valid.

Are there any restrictions on when I can drive if I get short-term learner insurance?

There are no restrictions with short-term car insurance for learner drivers. If you are in the car with a driver over 21 years of age, who is qualified to drive the vehicle and holding a full driving licence in the UK, EU, Liechtenstein, Switzerland or Iceland, you can drive whenever you wish.

Should I practice driving as a named driver?

Collingwood’s short-term cover for learner drivers protects the vehicle owner’s no claims bonus (If it is not a learner’s own car). This can be different to if a learner was added to the owner’s insurance policy as a named driver – in such a case, the no claims bonus might be lost if an accident happened.

If I fail my test, will the short-term provisional car insurance stay valid?

If you take your driving test and fail while your short-term provisional licence car insurance is still valid, you may still drive In the car until the policy expires – you may also top it up to stayed covered further into the future.

Discover more about short-term provisional car insurance

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*Price excludes IPT and admin fees.
**Subject to terms, conditions and underwriting criteria.