Annual courier FAQ 

Do I need courier insurance?

If you use your van to pick up and/or deliver goods (whether it’s to one destination or multiple locations) then normal business use isn’t suitable for you. You will need what is called ‘hire and reward’ use instead, which is included in a Collingwood Annual Courier policy.

It will provide you with the right cover to carry goods and materials from one place to another. If you are involved in occupations like parcel delivery, light haulage, mail order delivery, fast food etc. – this is what you will need.

Who is the insurance provider?

Your insurance is underwritten by Collingwood Insurance Company Limited (CICL). Your insurance intermediary is Collingwood Insurance Services (UK) Limited (CISL).

What are your opening hours?

We are open Monday – Friday, 9am – 6pm and Saturday 9am – 1pm. Our telephone number is 0345 470 0010.

Will my policy include cover for the things I am carrying?

Unfortunately the policy does not include goods in transit insurance.

Will my policy include public liability insurance?

Unfortunately, the policy does not include public liability insurance.

What can I transport under courier insurance?

Courier insurance covers most of the everyday items a courier is likely to carry. The policy also covers for house and waste removal. However, it does not cover high-risk items or hazardous goods.

Can I get immediate courier insurance cover?

Yes, providing you have a credit or debit card to make a payment we can issue you with immediate cover, subject to normal terms and conditions. 

Please note that if you choose to pay by Direct Debit we will require a deposit from you, payable by credit or debit card and you will need an account that supports the Direct Debit facility.

What are your residency requirements?

You and any additional drivers must be a permanent resident of the UK.

What type of licence must I hold to purchase this insurance?

You and any additional drivers will require a Full UK Driving Licence or a Full EU Driving Licence.

Are there any driving convictions you won’t insure?

We currently cover the majority of motoring convictions. Additional rules and criteria may apply, please contact us 0345 470 0010. to check if you are eligible.

Can I insure with you while I have a prosecution pending?

No, we can only provide a quotation once you have your conviction code.

I have a driving ban, will you insure me?

Yes, providing your ban has expired and your licence has been reissued by DVLA. Additional criteria will apply, please contact us on 0345 470 0010. to discuss further and check your eligibility.

Do I have to wait until I get my licence back before I take out a Collingwood Annual Courier policy?

If your ban was on or after 1st June 2013 you must wait until your new licence has been issued by the DVLA before you can take out a policy. If your ban was before 1st June 2013, once you have applied for your licence, you can apply for a quotation. If you have had to re-sit your test within the last 12 months you will not be eligible for this insurance.

Can I add additional drivers to the policy?

Yes, you can add 2 additional drivers subject to underwriting criteria.

Can I drive any vehicle?

No, this policy will only cover the vehicle on your insurance certificate.

Am I covered to drive abroad?

Yes, but you must notify us if you are planning to take your vehicle abroad as restrictions will apply. Please contact us on 0345 470 0010.

What levels of cover do you provide?

Cover can be provided on a Comprehensive, Third Party Fire & Theft or Third Party Only basis.

What excesses apply?

If Comprehensive cover is chosen, the Compulsory Excess for Own Damage, Fire and Theft or Windscreen Replacement will be £1000.

If Third Party Fire and Theft cover is chosen, the Fire and Theft excess will be £1000. There is no Excess under Third Party Only cover. The Own Damage Excess is reduced by £250 if repair work is undertaken by our Approved Repairer and separately by a further £250 where incidents are reported within 24 hours of their occurrence.

Does my policy include windscreen cover?

Yes, but a £1000 excess applies. Please note there is no cover for any other glass. A maximum of 2 windscreen claims are covered in one period of insurance.

What optional extras can I add to my policy?

We offer a number of optional extras on your policy. These must be paid for in full and can only be purchased at inception.

Accidental Death benefit and Personal Accident Cover This is offered free of charge and covers you and your passengers for up to £15,000 in the event of loss, damage, death or bodily injury caused by a road traffic accident whilst driving or travelling in the insured vehicle. The maximum accumulation limit for any one accident is £120,000.

This is sold as a standalone product and will run alongside your Insurance Policy. Cover is arranged by Coplus and is underwritten by Astrenska Insurance Limited.

How do I get my insurance documents?

Your documents can be accessed by logging on to your online account at using the username and password sent to you.

If you need assistance please contact us on 0345 470 0010.

What documents do I need to provide?

If you or your additional driver(s) hold a Full UK Driving Licence and this is input at quote stage, we will run a check with the DVLA to ensure that you/they have a current Full UK Driving Licence. This will also confirm any motoring convictions that you/they may have and that the address on the policy matches the address on your/their Driving Licence.

If you or your additional driver hold a Full EU Driving Licence, we will require a copy of the front and back of the licence photo card.

It is a condition of the policy that you provide a copy of the following documentation:

DVLA driving record for you and any named driver (unless you input your Driving Licence number at inception).

Proof of the address on your policy dated within 90 days.

Proof of Courier No Claims Discount (if declared). This can be sent by email to

How do I send you a copy of my Driving Record?

Please select the link for full instructions on how to download your driving record here. Alternatively you can contact us on 0345 470 0010.

What do I do if I need to make a claim on my Collingwood Annual Courier policy or on any of my optional extras?

We must be notified of every claim, accident or incident regardless of fault by contacting Collingwood Claims on 0345 470 0010. To qualify for a reduced excess you must report the incident within 24 hours and use our approved repairer network.

Can I insure a vehicle I don’t own?

Yes, we allow the vehicle owner and registered keeper to be:
Proposer (Policy Holder)
Spouse / Civil Partner
Common Law Partner
Lease Company in the proposer’s name
Company Car
Lease Company – in a company name

Can I insure a leased vehicle?

Yes, the lease can be in your name or in the name of a company.

Can I make changes to my Collingwood Annual Courier policy?

Yes, you can make changes during the policy year. Changes may be subject to a £30.00 administration fee in addition to and may cause an additional premium. Please contact us on 0345 470 0010.

What can I use my vehicle for?

You can use your vehicle for Social, domestic and pleasure purposes and in connection with your business or profession including use for the carriage of goods for hire or reward.

We will provide you with the right cover to carry goods and materials from one place to another. If you are involved in occupations like parcel delivery, light haulage, mail order delivery, fast food, house removals & waste removal etc. – this is what you will need.

We will not cover the conveyance of passengers for hire or reward or if the vehicle is carrying hazardous goods.

Can I insure a vehicle that has been written off?

In order for us to confirm if this is acceptable, please contact us on 0345 470 0010.

Can I modify my vehicle?

Please contact us on 0345 470 0010 and we can confirm if the modification is acceptable.

Can I cancel my policy?

Yes, you can cancel your policy at any time. If you cancel before the policy has started, you will receive a full refund.

As long as there have been no claims or incidents likely to give rise to a claim, we will allow a refund of premium. Full details of how this will be calculated is explained under the Cancellation section of the Policy Booklet under General Condition 4.

The non-refundable intermediary fees and cancellation processing fees are outlined in the terms of business agreement (TOBA).

How can I pay for my policy?

You can either pay for your insurance in full in one payment by credit or debit card or spread the cost with a deposit payable by credit or debit card plus 10 monthly instalments by Direct Debit, please note a charge for credit will apply.

Can I insure more than one vehicle?

Yes, but you would require another policy.

My vehicle has been impounded by the Police Authorities after inception, what do I need to do?

Your Certificate of Insurance has ‘Limitations as to use’ so you will not be able to remove your vehicle from the impound using your insurance certificate, you will need to contact us on 0345 470 0010 for further advice.

What types of vehicles will you cover?

We do not cover any vehicle over 3.5 tonnes or imported vehicles.

We will cover the following vehicle types:
Box Van
Light/Panel/Other Van
Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV)
Multi-purpose Vehicle (MPV)
Estate Car/Station Wagon

We do not cover the following vehicles:

Convertible/Cabriolet/Other style>A Vehicle that has a tipping unit
A Vehicle that is fitted with a refrigeration unit

To insure my vehicle with you, do I need to be the main driver?

Yes, you are required to be the main driver of the vehicle.

Do you cover me if I only use my vehicle for personal use and not for business?

Yes, this policy covers, Social, domestic and pleasure purposes and in connection with the Policyholder’s business or profession, including use for the carriage of goods for hire or reward.

Will my policy allow me to drive someone else’s vehicle?

No, your insurance will only cover you for the insured vehicle. This is the vehicle that will appear on your insurance certificate.

Can I transfer my No Claims Discount from my private car policy?

No, you can only use No Claims Discount that has been earned in your named on a courier insurance policy in the UK within the last 12 months

Can I protect my No Claims Discount?

No, we do not offer protected No Claims Discount.