Last Updated on May 7, 2024

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At Collingwood Insurance, we’re on a mission to make life easier for all learner drivers. That is why we have collaborated with driving test experts RoadHow to bring the premium version of their App to all Collingwood Learner Drivers customers completely free of charge. To help you pass your theory and save you over £23 a year in the process!

New drivers are expected to learn a lot in a relatively short space of time. You will need to study the Highway Code and develop enough knowledge to pass your DVLA Driving Theory Test. You will then need to practice both driving on roads and driving manoeuvres to get you to a level that will allow you to pass your practical driving test.

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What is the RoadHow learner driver app?

RoadHow is a Google Play and Apple App store learning to drive app, with the goal of making you a better and safer learner driver. To achieve this goal, RoadHow utilises a wide range of DVSA approved tests, quizzes and hazard perception clips designed to build and improve your driving knowledge. For learner drivers, RoadHow makes it simple for you to learn driving theory in the app and get closer to passing your driving test.

As well as questions and answers taken direct from the DVSA revision question bank, RoadHow also monitors your strengths and weaknesses and identifies areas where you could improve your driving and knowledge.

As you complete the driving theory test courses and hazard perception clips you will build up a RoadRating based on your driving knowledge. Your RoadRating is your personal measure of progress throughout your learning to drive journey. You can track the courses you have taken, if you passed or failed and view a chart of your progress to see where you can improve.

RoadHow also allows users to stay up to date with the latest road news and stories to make sure you are aware of important updates and changes. This could be new highway code rules put in place for drivers, trending motoring news, learner driver polls, and learning to drive videos. It’s always handy to stay up to date so you know what is going on and can potentially find out new information that can help with your driving.

How can the RoadHow app help me learn to drive?

RoadHow makes it easy for you to practice for your driving theory test right there on your phone. You can take mock driving theory tests that use a question bank taken directly from the DVSA as well as watching real hazard perception clips to develop your awareness of driving hazards.

All of the questions, tests, and hazard perception clips included could appear on your DVSA theory test, so it’s good to have easy access whenever you need it.

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Bored waiting for a late bus or train? With RoadHow you could do a quick driving theory test to improve your knowledge before your test date.

How can RoadHow help me after I pass my driving theory test?

Even after your driving theory test, the RoadHow app is a valuable asset to help you on your learning to drive journey. There is a wide range of courses you can continue to take designed to help you fill any gaps in your knowledge and assist you on the road. With courses in road knowledge, hazard perception, and road signs, there is a course for every element of your learner driver journey.

Feel like you are struggling with roundabouts? There’s a course for that. Need to know how to keep your car secure? There’s a course for that! Pretty much any knowledge you need as a car owner you’ll find in the RoadHow app, making it an invaluable tool for all learner drivers.

With each course you complete, you will improve your RoadRating, so you can see how you are progressing. You can also see your strengths and weaknesses, so you can better identify which areas you could improve upon. RoadHow makes it easy to know what courses you should do next or what areas to focus on when you are practising in the car. The RoadHow app makes it easy to let your instructor, or a supervising driver, know what you need to work on and focus on that.

The RoadHow app also features the new Highway Code rules

At Collingwood, we are also making it easy to stay up to date with the Highway Code via RoadHow. The app includes all of the rules and lets you review all of the new Highway Code rules whenever they are updated. As a new learner driver, it is very important to stay up to date as Many of the rules in the Code are legal requirements, and if you disobey these rules you are committing a criminal offence.” (2022).

You can easily and quickly view all of the Highway Code rules and view recent changes to the Highway Code or even search for specific rules if you need to find information quickly when you are out and about.

How much money could I save by downloading the RoadHow app with Collingwood?

The premium version of RoadHow usually costs over £23 for the year (when paid for monthly at £1.99 per month), but we’re giving away the premium version with all Collingwood learner driver insurance policies! This gives you access to all of the features to help you become a better learner driver and pass your driving test sooner!

The RoadHow app is now available to all new and existing Annual learner driver and short-term learner driver customers!

How do I get the RoadHow learn to drive app?

Downloading your free learn to drive app is as simple as 1,2,3! Simply follow the instructions below…

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Collingwood Insurance and the RoadHow app make a perfect combination

As a new driver, RoadHow could become an important tool as you work toward that pink licence. RoadHow is the perfect pairing with Collingwood learner drivers’ car insurance, as you can get out on the road for some driving practice then test your knowledge and identify any areas you need to improve on. If you are an existing Collingwood insurance customer you can get access to the app now, check your inbox for an email from Collingwood Insurance containing all of the details.

If you are not yet a customer, you can get a quote for Collingwood learner driver insurance now for annual or short-term cover!