Last Updated on June 17, 2024

When going into your driving test you have a few options for cars that you can use. Often people use their driving instructors car that they have been using for driving lessons but you can use your own car to take your driving test! This is providing that it meets all requirements.

As a learner driver you can drive your own car with Learner Driver Insurance. If you have this type of insurance on your vehicle you could be eligible to use your own car for your driving test. By using your own car you can feel more comfortable and confident. Which may improve your chances of passing your driving test.

We are going to go over the rules and regulations that you must follow to legally take your driving test in your own car to help you prepare for your driving test!

What you need to know about using your own car for a driving test?

In order to use your own car to take your driving test, there are some things you need to check.

Your car must have:

  • Valid Tax – You can check if a vehicle is taxed on the government website.
  • Valid Insurance that covers you for a driving test (check this with your insurance company). The car you’re driving must be insured with learner insurance, whether it’s your car or a friend/family members car. Your friend or family member’s car must have its own valid insurance before you can add a learner policy.
  • Be roadworthy and have a current MOT. (if it’s over 3 years old) – You can check if a vehicle has a valid MOT on the government website.
  • Have no warning lights showing, for example, the airbag warning light or engine warning light.
  • Have no tyre damage and the legal tread depth of 1.6mm on each tyre. No space-saver spare tyre fitted.
  • Be smoke-free. This means you can’t smoke in the vehicle, just before or during the test
  • Be able to reach at least 62mph and have an mph speedometer.
  • Have 4 wheels and a maximum authorised mass (MAM) of no more than 3,500 kg.

The following must also be fitted to the car:

An extra interior rear-view mirror for the examiner

L-plates (‘L’ or ‘D’ plates in Wales) on the front and rear

A passenger seatbelt for the examiner and a proper passenger head restraint (not a slip-on type)

Can You Take Your Driving Test in Your Own Car?

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Can you record the driving test in your car?

You can have a dash cam fitted to your car (for insurance purposes), as long as it records externally.

You can not film or record audio inside the car during a driving test. Many dash cams allow you to disable the audio whilst continuing to record. You can do this so you can still record relevant video of the road but avoid recording personal conversations in the car!

Check your vehicle for safety recalls

If your car has been recalled for safety reasons then you won’t be able to use the car for your driving test unless you have proof that it’s safe.

You must have this with you when you take your car to the driving test centre. The good news is that you can check online to see if your car has any outstanding recalls.

If the vehicle you intend to take your driving test in has been recalled for safety reasons, you must take an official document to the driving test centre. The document must be supplied by the manufacturer or dealer and prove the car was either:

• Car recalled, and the recall work has been completed
• Recalled, but the work did not need to be carried out
• Not part of a recall

Don’t forget that you must bring valid ID to the test centre. Failing to bring avalid ID to your test, will result in your driving test being cancelled with no refund of the cost.

How do I get home from my driving test?

If you used your driving instructors car to take your test, then your instructor would normally drive you home.

When taking your driving test in your own car you should take someone to the test with you so they can drive you home. If you pass your test, you are no longer a learner driver, your provisional insurance is also invalid and must be cancelled.

If you don’t pass your test, you may not be in the right headspace to drive home. It is recommended that a friend, family member, or your instructor drive you home.

As a Collingwood customer you cannot drive home from the test either way and your supervising driver/instructor will be covered to drive you home.

Where can I buy insurance to take my driving test in my own car?

If you’re learning to drive and would like to start practicing in your own or another person’s car, it is a legal requirement that you have learner insurance.

Here at Collingwood Insurance, our learner driver policies will cover you to drive in your own car when accompanied by a friend or family member, starting from just 58p* a day!

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