Last Updated on May 9, 2023

With so many learner driver apps available on iOS and Android devices, it can sometimes be tricky to find the best learner-driver app for you.


1- The Official DVSA Theory test kit
2- Driving theory test kit 4 in 1
3- RoadHow
4- Otimo

From driving theory and practical test revision, to finding a driving instructor and booking driving lessons. There are lots of apps available to help you in your journey to becoming a full licence holder. 

In this article, we review 4 learner driver apps that assist you with learning to drive and could help you get out on the road quicker! We review the key features and hopefully make it easier for you to find one that helps you secure that pink licence. 

1) The Official DVSA Theory Test Kit – Perfect for revising your driving theory test! 

The official DVSA theory test kit includes everything you need to prepare for your theory test

Logo for learner driver app official DVSA Theory test kit

From the people who set the tests, the app includes 700 official DVSA theory test revision questions. With recent updates to the app, it now includes the addition of 34 CGI hazard perception clips. Giving you the full experience of the theory test before the real one comes along! 
The app also lets you know how you are progressing with a “test readiness gauge.” By answering questions in the app, it will let you know when you might be ready to take the real theory test. This could ensure you are fully prepared to pass the first time. This could help you to save you time and money. 
Added extras include, a digital copy of the official highway code, so, you can review your road signs and all the rules of the road! Helping to keep you safe and up to date when learning to drive.  

Screen shot from DVSA Learner driver app

The app retails at £4.99 and is available on iOS and Android  
4.5/5 stars in Apple app store 

2) Driving Theory Test 4 in 1 Kit – 167,000 reviews and counting! 

If you’re looking to get started with theory test revision and you are not ready to pay to do so, then the free version of the Driving Theory Test 4 in 1 Kit could be for you.  

Driving test success app logo

Although it’s not an official DVSA app, it still boasts a lot of useful features. There is a sizeable bank of practice questions, a mock test, a hazard perception and a road sign app. Giving you a lot of content to help you out when you are still learning. 

Driving Test Success also has a paid version of this app with more features included! This means the free version is restricted and you won’t have access to everything. However, it’s a good place to start if you want to try out the content before committing to a purchase to make sure it is right for you. 

You can download the free version on Android

The paid version is £4.99 and is also available on Android and iOS
Apple app store rating: 4.8/5 

3) RoadHow – Perfect before and after your driving test 

RoadHow has a variety of features to help you learn to drive! The app aims to make you a better and safer driver by giving you quizzes, tests, and a road rating to help you on your journey. What makes it different to others is that it has features to help as a learner and a full licence holder so you may find the app useful even after you have passed! 

Logo for RoadHow Learner driver app

The RoadHow app offers tons of features that can help you with both your theory and practical driving tests. The app has official DVSA questions and hazard perception videos to assist in passing your Theory Test. 
Already passed your Theory Test? Don’t worry, the app also includes other quizzes to help you with manoeuvres, driving in different weather conditions, and more. To help you improve your driving skills and make you a safer driver.  
RoadHow is perfect if there is something you feel like you need more practice with, allowing you to improve and record your progress. With each quiz you build up a Road Rating which lets you know your progress and gives tips on how to improve. 
RoadHow also offers road signs and the Official Highway Code, which makes it easy to find recent updates you may have missed!  

Screenshot from RoadHow DVSA course screen in app

The app is free to download, however a premium membership will cost you £1.99 per month or £14.99 per year. If you are a Collingwood Learner Driver Insurance customer, you can access RoadHow premium for free! 

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Available on IOS and Android
Apple app store rating: 4.6/5 

4) Otimo – Everything a learner driver needs in one place!

The Otimo app can help you at all stages of learning to drive. From supporting you with theory tests and finding you a driving instructor to giving you access to practical driving test routes and personalised driving results.

Otimo app logo

If you’re looking for a local driving instructor, Otimo can take the stress out of finding one. Otimo can find a driving instructor near you in four simple steps: 

  1. Head to the Otimo website and input your postcode
  2. Fill in your details and let Otimo know what transmission (manual or automatic) you’re looking for. 
  1. Reserve your place with Otimo, and they’ll reach out to available partner instructors in your area to find you a match. 
  1. It’s a match! Your instructor will be in touch to arrange your first lesson, and you can start your driving journey. 

Alongside your lessons you can use the Otimo app to enhance your learning. Access driving test routes for extra practice to build your confidence going into your test

You can make sure you know exactly where you are going on routes, take note of any hazards, and make sure you are confident with all the necessary skills, for example, if there are roundabouts, junctions, or traffic lights. 

Otimo can also generate detailed lesson reports and flag areas where you could improve your driving, working like a black box to give you key events on your drives. This allows you to assess your drives and understand where you could improve, which could be helpful during lessons and private practice! 
All of these features make Otimo a valuable learner driver app to help you with your practical driving test! Giving you the best chance at passing first time!
Avalable on IOS and Android
Apple app store rating: 3.7/5 


There are many learner driver apps out there that could help you when learning to drive! 

The apps discussed above can help to prepare you for your test, booking lessons, and finding an instructor. Making the journey to a full licence holder easy as possible! 
When learning to drive these Learner driver apps allow you to practice for your driving theory and practical driving test at times that are convenient to you. You can pick up your phone and answer some questions to revise, book a driving test or track your driving all in the palm of your hand.  
With so many things to learn, you can make it easier by downloading some of these learner driver apps! 
You may find that Learner Driver Insurance could help you pass your test by allowing you to get more private practice outside of lessons. Don’t forget, you also get free premium access to RoadHow as a Collingwood Learner customer! 

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