Last Updated on January 31, 2023

As a driving instructor, you’ll want to be sure you’re kept in the loop with industry changes, training opportunities and also hear what your fellow instructors are up to. One of the best ways to do this is by subscribing to a driving instructor membership organisation. In this article we’ll take a look at the top membership site for instructors in the UK and see how they can benefit ADI’s. (In alphabetical order)

The ADI National Joint Council (ADINJC)

Established in 1973 the ADINJC is a non-profit association run by driving instructors. Their main objective is to inform, represent and support ADI’s across the UK and promote the interests of the driving instructor profession. The ADINJC often reach out to the DVSA and other bodies in order to insure the voices of driving instructors are heard.

Their membership includes a magazine subscription, help and support and an option for PI+PL insurance. They also run a national training program covering topics that help members improve the success of their driving school through business skills development alongside regular network meetings and an AGM.

Lynne Barrie, Chairman said:

The ADINJC is run by ADIs, so we understand the industry and what our members want and need.  Our members tell us we are a friendly organisation that responds and listens, and deals with their problems promptly, efficiently and well. 

We provide support, advice and information and representation.  We all hope that we won’t need help, but who knows?  We are here to give that help and advice when people need it, whether it be with the DVSA, their learners and clients or even parents.  We provide PI/PL insurance cover for those that want it (we consider it an essential but give members the option of taking it up). 

We run training courses which are popular, successful, and highly regarded by delegates, who tell us they are practical and informative and help them to improve their performance.  We constantly update our members with newsflashes and monthly newsletters and webinars.  We believe in working together, we work closely with our various sponsors, and industry partners. 

We are committed to working for the industry, and for our members and with our local groups and other associations through NASP.  We know that the industry is a fragmented one, and believe we need to work together to have a voice that counts.

Take a look at the ADINJC website here

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The DIA (Driving Instructors Association)

The DIA describes itself as “the largest professional membership body for driver and rider trainers in the UK.” They offer support, advice, professional development and training, lobbying and representation to trainers.

They work closely with the government across key stakeholder groups including the Department for Transport’s Road Safety Delivery Group and the Road Safety Observatory board.

There are currently 30,000 members of the DIA and it is indeed the biggest instructor organisation in the UK and they also publish a monthly magazine called “Driving Instructor” which provides news and updates from the world of ADI’s.

Check out the DIA membership site here.

MSA GB – The Motor Schools Association of Great Britain

The MSA’s tagline is “Providing Information, Representation, Services and Support for Driver & Rider Trainers throughout Great Britain”. Established in 1935 the MSA is a non-profit organisation that is run for the benefit of its members. The MSA works with ADI’s, trainees and PDI’s providing information, services and support through its regional centres.

They also provide a monthly magazine called Newslink which is available in hard copy or online. The magazine provides the latest news updates on driving standards, safety and all things affecting instructors in the UK.

Peter Harvey, National Chairman said:

MSA GB is one of the longest established national trade bodies for driver trainers in the world, we started back in 1935, just before the introduction of the driving test, it is the longest established association for driver trainers in Britain.

The association provides members with information both in print and electronically. Supplies representation, both for individuals who are having difficulties with other bodies and members collectively, when we are consulted by bodies like DVSA. MSA GB offer a range of services which are included in the membership fee and further services at discounted prices or with special benefits to members, such as the Collingwood Learner Driver Scheme.

The support provided for driver trainers is well documented and includes advice about all aspects of our profession and a shoulder to lean on when things get a bit tough for individual members.

You can see the MSA GB website here


Becoming a driving instructor and maintaining a successful business is tough. It takes determination, expertise and the willingness to develop. Joining a membership organisation can help you as an instructor and could be a great way to stay up to date, receive training and grow your business.

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