Last Updated on April 5, 2023

After receiving your provisional licence, finding a driving instructor is usually the next step in your learning to drive journey! With so many instructors out there, how can you find one that works for you? We are here to help. We will let you know where to find instructors, how to know if they are the right fit for you, and what to look out for to find a reputable person to help you learn to drive.


Where to start?
Recommendations from family and friends
Web search of your local area
Driving instructor reviews
Check your driving instructor is approved by the DVSA
What to ask your instructor

Where to start?

Before you even start looking for specific driving instructors, there are some things that you should think about to narrow down the search.

What type of car do you want to drive in?
Automatic or manual?
How quickly do you want to pass?
What is your budget?
How often do you want lessons?
What availability do you have for lessons?
Would you prefer a male or female teacher?

This will help you narrow down your initial search when finding a driving instructor. For example, if you are looking for an intensive course on a low budget in an automatic car with a female teacher, that will most likely reduce the number of people who will be a good fit for you!

Knowing the answers to all of these questions will give you a clear goal when you start your search. So, make sure you figure it out and do some research before starting your search. You then have specifics that you are looking for and will make the search much easier for you.

Learner Driver with Driving instructor

Recommendations from family and friends.

A great starting point for finding a driving instructor is asking friends and family members. If they have had a really positive experience with someone who helped them pass and has a good teaching style, it would be good to start there!

By talking to people close to you, you can get more in-depth information, such as what their teaching style is like and how reliable they are.

This can also be a good way to find someone not to go with. If you have a friend who shares that they had a local driving instructor who did not show up for lessons or was impatient, you know to avoid them.

Web search of your local area

If you don’t have any recommendations from friends or family, a good starting point is the internet.

You can use our find an instructor tool and enter your postcode. This will bring up driving instructors in your area. You can then look up their website or social media and see if they are a good fit for you.

Google Maps will also give you a list of driving schools near you if you type it in. This makes it easy to find all possible driving teachers and help you find someone who may be a good fit.

Along with this, you could also ask in local Facebook groups or forums to see if other people have suggestions. You may find a new instructor that you have not come across yet, or just find out that an instructor you were already considering is worth going with!

Driving Instructor Reviews

Even with a recommendation from a friend, it is always a good idea to check up on online reviews yourself. You can find this through sites like Trustpilot, Facebook reviews, or Google.

Checking reviews gives you an idea about the experience others are having. For example, if all the reviews say the driving instructor helped them pass the first time, they are most likely good at their job!

When you are checking reviews on Trustpilot, a top tip is to check for a verified order tick. This lets you know they are a genuine customer of the business and that the review is reliable.

TrustPilot Review From Linda D

This will help you find great instructors to choose from and let you remove some of the bad ones from the running.

Check Your Driving Instructor Is Approved by the DVSA

No matter how good the referrals, reviews, or customer service is, if the driving instructor is not approved by the DVSA, you should avoid them. You can check this with the DVSA by searching the DVSA-approved driving instructor database. Instructors must be signed up to the DVSA to legally be allowed to teach learner drivers.

The database will also show you which instructors have signed up for the ADI Code of Practice. The Code of Practice is a framework of rules of conduct covering conduct in lessons, the quality of the learner driver car, and standards of business. Because the scheme is voluntary, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the instructors who haven’t signed up aren’t good at their job, but it can provide extra comfort when booking.

What to ask your instructor?

When you find 3+ local driving instructors that you like the sound of and they tick all the boxes, it is time to pick up the phone!

The easiest way to get questions answered is to call them up and get everything clarified before booking in. It will also allow you to get a feel for their personality and see if it is someone that you would work well with.

But what sort of questions should you be asking?
Do you currently have availability?
When would I be able to start lessons with you?
How much will it cost for “10” driving lesson?
Are you currently running any deals or promotions on block bookings on driving lessons?

Check their website for this information first, but it is worth calling and having a chat with an instructor. It is a good way to figure out if you want to work with them.

You do not need to book in with them there and then on the phone, and you can say you are just enquiring, but it will let you engage with the instructor and chat. You can find out if they are serious or chatty, conversational, or quiet, calm or energetic. This will let you gauge if you would get along with them when driving around. You want to make sure it is a good match as you will be spending a good amount of time with them.


There are so many driving instructors to choose from, and we are sure you will find one that is the perfect fit for you. By following these steps, you can make the most informed decision and narrow down your search quickly and easily. You can then get started on your driving lessons and learning to drive!

Finding a driving instructor does not need to be difficult and following these steps will make it easy for you!

If you are just starting your learning to drive journey, you may also find Learner Driver Insurance helpful! This type of insurance lets you get extra practice outside of your driving lessons in your own, a friend, or a family member’s car. With a supervising driver by your side, you can practice on the road.

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