are learners allowed to drive at night

Last Updated on January 10, 2023

It’s a question that many learners and those who wish to accompany learners ask. Are learner drivers allowed to drive at night? In this article we will give you the definitive answer, but also explore the reasons why many learners think they wouldn’t be allowed, or indeed have reservations about driving at night.

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Learners are Legally Allowed to Drive at Night

Yes, learner drivers are legally allowed to drive at night. As long as the learner is legally allowed to drive the vehicle by fulfilling all of the necessary legal requirements around insurance and supervision. The reason people often think that learner drivers are not allowed to drive at night, is because of the challenges of driving at night

The Challenges of Learners Driving at Night

These are the most common reasons that learners struggle to drive at night

Reduced Visibility of Other Road Users

When driving in the daytime you can see everything clearly. You can see everything from the colour of nearby vehicles and you can spot vehicles at a significant distance. Driving at night as a learner can be daunting because you’ll be relying on spotting the headlights and tail lights of other drivers as opposed to having visibility of the vehicle itself.

Reduced Visibility of Road Markings

When driving in the day, road markings are clearly visible. In contrast, driving at night means road markings look faint and learn drivers will need to adapt how they see the road. The lights from oncoming traffic can also reduce visibility, meaning that instead of looking directly ahead as you would in the daytime, you may also need to pay closer attention to the markings in the middle of the road.

Difficulty in Judging Speed and Distance

The reduced visibility at night means judging distance becomes more difficult. When a car is driving in front of you in the daytime, it’s easy to see the distance. Whereas at night, particularly at long distance, you may think a vehicle is moving more quickly than it actually is, because you’re relying on the tail lights for your reference point for distance.

These are the main challenges of driving at night as a learner driver. Although it’s legal to drive at night as a learner, don’t forget to check your insurance!

Some Learner Driver Insurance Policies Don’t Allow You to Drive at Night

Although here at Collingwood we don’t have curfews on our learner driver policies, some insurance companies may employ a curfew. So beware of driving late at night as a learner if you haven’t read your policy. You should read your policy in full to understand the terms and limitations. If you’re ready to do private practice without a curfew, get a quote on learner driver insurance with Collingwood and enjoy the freedom of private practice at your convenience!

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