Last Updated on September 19, 2023

Today we are thrilled to unveil a significant milestone in the Collingwood evolution – our new brand identity! In this article, we dive into the reasons behind the rebrand. We also discuss the process involved and the prospects it brings our current and future customers.

The rebrand comes as we adapt to the changing digital landscape and the ever-changing way that customers engage with us.

Newcastle-headquartered creative agency, JUMP, worked with us on the design and implementation of the new look.

JUMP’s extensive experience, working with organisations such as the NHS, Co Wheels, Newcastle University and National Trust, was what we felt made them the perfect fit to oversee the process.

“It was an incredible experience collaborating with Collingwood on this rebranding project. Our goal was to help position the company as a modern, customer-focused brand while preserving their core values,” said Andrew Baxter, Creative Director at JUMP.

As part of the rebrand, JUMP created a new visual identity. This included a fresh and dynamic logo that we felt represented our ‘forward-looking’ approach.

Collingwood new brand used in high street advert
New Collingwood brand used in high street adverts

The rapid advancement of technology and the shift in consumer behaviour prompted us to revaluate our brand identity. We also wanted to ensure it remains relevant and appealing to our diverse customer base, particularly learner driver’s.

“When Collingwood was founded in 2006, the digital landscape was very different. With the emergence of smartphones and social media platforms changing the habits of our customers, we recognised the need to evolve our brand to better resonate with today’s tech-savvy customer base.” said Jonathan Brougham, Head of Marketing at Collingwood Insurance.

“We wanted to create a brand identity that embodies our core values while embracing the modern era of convenience and inclusivity.”

In the pursuit of redefining our brand identity, we worked with JUMP on a comprehensive brand audit. The audit helped us gain insights into how it was perceived in the competitive insurance market.

This involved gathering feedback from both current and potential customers, delving into their preferences, and understanding their needs.

The analysis revealed that words such as ‘Informative’, ‘Uncomplicated’, ‘Helpful’ and ‘Reliable’ were strongly associated with the Collingwood brand.

“We recognise the importance of understanding our customers on a deeper level. By conducting the brand audit and gathering insights from our audience, we were able to refine our brand strategy. The audit also helped created a more targeted approach that resonated with our customers” explained Darren Hedley, Digital Marketing Manager at Collingwood.

With the analysis from the brand audit, JUMP created our new brand guidelines and a new logo. Together they combined elements of reliability and innovation, reflecting Collingwood’s ongoing commitment to providing dependable and modern insurance solutions.

We have remained steadfast in our commitment to providing exceptional products and services since our inception. Although, the world in which we operate has evolved significantly since 2006.

The new Collingwood brand identity, designed in collaboration with JUMP, reflects our commitment to being an informative and uncomplicated partner for our valued customers.