Learner Driver FAQ’s


I want to cancel my policy – what do I do?

If you want to cancel your policy, you can do so either from your online account or app, or by calling our Helpdesk on 0345 4700014.

My policy has been cancelled – help!

Please contact our Helpdesk on 0345 4700014 and someone will be able to support you.

How much will it cost to cancel my insurance?

Annual Policies

If you cancel your insurance before it’s started you will receive a full refund of premium including fees.

If you cancel the policy within the 14 day cooling off period you will receive a pro rata refund of premium deducing your time on cover and your non-refundable intermediary fee.

When the cooling-off period has passed, if you bought your annual policy after 1st February 2021, providing you have not made a claim, or where an incident has occurred that is likely to give rise to a claim in the period of insurance, we will calculate a refund/shortfall using the scale below:

Month 1 – Premium Percentage Charged = 25%

Month 2 – Premium Percentage Charged = 40%

Month 3 – Premium Percentage Charged = 50%

Month 4 – Premium Percentage Charged = 60%

Month 5 – Premium Percentage Charged = 70%

Month 6 – Premium Percentage Charged = 75%

Month 7 – Premium Percentage Charged = 80%

Month 8 – Premium Percentage Charged = 90%

Month 9 – Premium Percentage Charged = 100%

Month 10 – Premium Percentage Charged = 100%

Month 11 – Premium Percentage Charged = 100%

Month 12 – Premium Percentage Charged = 100%

Following cancellation, any amounts due may be made up of our £70 non-refundable intermediary fee, any balance outstanding and the cancellation fee which is included in our Terms of Business Agreement which is available to view in your online account.

In addition to this, if you purchased your policy prior to Monday 5th July a £25 cancellation fee will be administered.  If your policy was purchased after this date this was increased to £40 as outlined in our Terms of Business Agreement (TOBA)

Short Term Policies

If your policy is for 8 weeks or longer and you cancel within the first 14 days, then a pro-rata refund will be issued.  For other policy durations there are no other refunds on short term policies.

Cancellation fees do not apply to short term policies