Learner Driver Insurance FAQ's

Learner Driver Insurance FAQ’s

What happens when I pass my test?

You need to tell us as soon as you have passed your practical driving test as this is a specific Learner Driver Policy and therefore, now you have passed your test it will need to be cancelled.

Please contact our Helpdesk on 0345 470 0014 who will be able to help you further.

Can I take my test in my car?

You’ll be delighted to hear the answer is yes you can.  Please note that once you sit your test your supervising driver must drive you home straight after the test regardless of whether you pass or fail. When you pass please then contact us to cancel your policy. Good luck!

Why is my certificate dated monthly?

If you are paying for your policy monthly your Certificate is issued monthly after each successful payment.

Is my monthly payment direct debit?

Since 1st February 2021 we no longer offer a direct debit payment option, so any policy started after this date will be paid by automatic monthly card payment method.

Can I have more than one additional driver?

Regrettably you can add only a maximum of one additional driver to your own car on an annual policy only.  Your additional driver can either be a Parent, Grandparent, Husband, Wife, and Mother in law or Father in law, Civil Partner, Daughter, Son, Brother/Sister, Sister/Brother In Law, Aunt or Uncle, Legal Guardian or Other Family Member. Your additional driver must hold a valid full UK/EU driving licence for 3 years or more and must also own and insure their own vehicle whilst named on your Collingwood Policy. Please call our Helpdesk for more information on 0345 470 0014.

Can I change my payment date?

Unfortunately, once your payment date is fixed, it cannot be changed.

Who can supervise me when I’m learning to drive?

Anyone who is over 21 years of age and who has held a valid full UK/EU Licence for at least 3 years can sit in the front seat with you while your practice driving.

Is there a mileage limit?

Great news!  There are no mileage limits on our short term or annual learner driver policies, you can drive as much or as little as you wish.

Do I need to have a black box fitted?

Great news! There is no need for a black box fitted to the car on our learner driver policies as you will be supervised at all times.