Learner Driver Insurance FAQ’s

No Claims Bonus

Can I earn a No Claims Bonus as a Learner Driver?

You can start to build your no claims bonus whilst you have a learner driver policy with Collingwood. Providing your policy runs for 10 consecutive months without any accidents or incidents this will be accelerated to 1 years no claims bonus.

What is a No Claims Bonus?

No Claims Bonus (NCB) – often referred to as a No Claims Discount – is a discount which can be applied to the cost of your car insurance. The amount of discount is calculated by reference to the number of years that you have driven a vehicle without making a claim on your car insurance.

Can I use any earned No Claims bonus on a different insurance policy?

Although we issue proof of No Claims Bonus, when it has been earned, it is at the discretion of the new Insurer to whether they accept it.

What does NCB/NCD stand for?

NCB = No Claims Bonus / NCD = No Claims Discount.

Does an additional driver earn No Claims Bonus?

Unfortunately not, the No Claims Bonus can only be earned by the learner driver.

If I cancel my policy will I lose my NCB?

If you have an annual policy and cancel before month 10 you will not be entitled to any No Claims Bonus. However, if you have an annual policy for at least 10 consecutive months without any accidents or incidents, Collingwood will accelerate this to 1 years No Claims Bonus. 

If I have a claim does that affect my NCB?

If you make a fault claim on your policy this will affect your no claims bonus.