Yes, learner driver insurance does show on askMID. Learner driver insurance is no different to full insurance in that respect. The Motor Insurance Database will hold data on the insurance status of all vehicles declared ‘on road’. If you decide to drive as a learner driver in someone else’s car, or indeed your own vehicle, then you are legally obligated to be insured.

While you’re out taking private practice as a learner, what would happen in the event of a collision that was your fault? Your learner driver insurance should cover you in that unfortunate event. Now imagine if you took to the road as a provisional licence holder, had an accident and you weren’t insured. You would be breaking the law as an uninsured driver.

Your insurance status can be verified in the Motor Insurance Database, so to avoid becoming a convicted driver before you even attain your full licence

Does Learner Driver Insurance Show on askMID
Does Learner Driver Insurance Show on askMID? Yes!

What is askMID?

AskMID is a service that allows you check the Motor Insurance Database (MID) for information on the status of your vehicle’s insurance.

The MID is the UK Government’s way of making sure that every vehicle on the road is fully covered and legally drivable.

It’s all managed by the Motor Insurers’ Bureau, founded in 1946 and act on behalf of the government to provide compensation to any insured driver who is a victim of an accident caused by an uninsured vehicle or driver.

What Happens if You Drive While Uninsured?

If you drive without insurance, the police could give you a fixed penalty of £300 and 6 penalty points if you’re caught driving a vehicle you’re not insured to drive.

If the case goes to court you could get:

  • an unlimited fine
  • disqualified from driving
  • the police also have the power to seize, and in some cases, destroy the vehicle that’s being driven uninsured.

In the case of Collingwood Learner Insurance, we send the information regarding all new policies to the DVLA on a daily basis, however, we have no control over when they upload it.

We also ask that our policy holders check documents and confirm that we have the correct vehicle registration. Vehicles can take up to 72 hours to show as insured on the Motor Insurance Database. Your Certificate of Insurance is proof of insurance which can be found in your online account or via the Collingwood Insurance app.

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