Last Updated on April 5, 2024

With the warm weather coming in we are sure you are eager to get out and enjoy it! The spring weather brings lots of activities to do and places to go. Have you thought about how you can combine enjoying spring with going out for private driving practice
We are going to give you some ideas of places you can practice driving in spring. So, make sure your insurance is in place, grab your supervising driver and head out on the road! 
As a note, with Collingwood Learner Driver Insurance you are not permitted to drive on motorways, so make sure to check maps before you set out on your journey! If you are insured on someone else’s car, or have an additional driver, they can take over the driving for the motorways. If not, try and find somewhere more local to visit that avoids travelling on a motorway! 

Lots of places have walking trails that you can take advantage of. When you are learning to drive, part of the journey is having more freedom to explore! You can get to new places that may have been hard to get to through public transport.  

Take the opportunity during spring to find a nice nature walk near you. Practice navigation by driving to a scenic trailhead. Enjoy a refreshing hike and appreciate the natural world after parking up. 

Sometimes driving can be the activity!  

There are sure to be scenic drives near you whether that is through the countryside, a coastal trip, or a rural landscape. Plan a route showcasing blooming landscapes or coastal views. You can drive and take in the landscapes around you. Roll down the windows and breathe in the air and take in the new growth of spring. 

Focus on maintaining a safe speed while also enjoying the scenery around you. This can be good practice for staying focused whilst enjoying your driving experience. If you find yourself getting too distracted by the scenery, make sure you are shifting your focus back to driving and keep your eyes on the road ahead. 
You could even find a place to stop to take photos or enjoy a walk around for a little break. 

A classic activity is going to the park for a picnic. The good news is you can use this to practice driving in spring!  

Pack your car with blankets and head off to you your fave supermarket or drive through. Pick up food to eat and find the perfect spot in the park to sit and eat. 

You can enjoy the spring air and hone your driving skills on the way! If you are feeling confident, you could invite friends to come and practice driving with passengers in the vehicle. 

Spring is known for the birth of baby animals. You may find farms in your area will have events or visiting times to go and see the baby animals. 
This can be a great family day out or a fun activity with friends to get out and about.  
Have a look to see if there are any local farms that you can visit in your area or if there are any animal events to attend. This could be stroking, feeding, or walking the baby animals! This is a great activity to get out and about and enjoy the new life of spring. 

On your way there you can practice navigating rural roads and parking in designated areas. 

Spring brings opportunities to refresh your space and garden, while also making a day of it! Visiting your local garden centres, you can enjoy the flowers and explore their unique offerings in store. While also getting the needed spring driving practice on the way. 
You can load up your car with house plants for your bedroom to reap the benefits of having greenery in your space! You could even get outdoor plants or seeds to try your hand at gardening and pick up a new hobby! 

Practice safe packing and secure all items before driving, making sure you have full visibility before setting off. 

With warmer and drier weather means more opportunities for outdoor events. Where you live there may be weekly markets or car boot sales or they may have one-off events during the warmer months. 
Visiting markets and car boots gives you opportunities to pick up unique pieces, handmade designs and support local businesses. 

On your way there you can navigate driving with passengers, driving on country roads or through city streets!  

Spring driving practice does not need to be an all-out adventure! It could be as simple as finding a great restaurant with outdoor seating to soak in the sun! 
You and your supervising driver can get out and enjoy delicious food! You could plan and book a table somewhere or drive around and see what options are available. Look for somewhere you can sit outside and enjoy the spring sun. 

If you fall short and have a rainy day that should not stop you! There will still be plenty of places to go with great food to enjoy. As a bonus you can practice your driving skills in the rain. 

Part of the charm of spring is the flowers and trees finally starting to bloom! The best place to take in the colours and sights is a visit to local gardens to see the seasons change right in front of your eyes.  
Around the UK there are a number of botanical gardens that are great to take in all that nature has to offer. If you are lucky enough to live near one, you could visit botanical gardens.  
Other options could be to look for public or community gardens in your area. If there are none, even a walk around a local forest or greenspace can allow you to see flowers blooming and leaves coming on to the trees. 
On the way, you can practice navigating rural roads and following a sat nav or road signs!  

In your local area there are sure to be some hidden landmarks that you have never seen before! Look up your local area and see what historical landmarks, museums or areas you can find that you have never been to before. You can then plan a day of visiting them and exploring where you live.  

Spring is often associated with giving your living space a clean and getting organised. This can come with bags of clothing, home decor and miscellaneous stuff you have accumulated over the years! Rather than throwing them away which impacts the environment and causes more waste, you could donate! If you have good quality items (no damage or staining) these could be taken to local recycling centres that deal with textiles. Put them all in a bag and fill up your car with donations. 
Have a check for local charity shops or donation points to drop off your items. There are even some drop offs that will give you cash for your items!  This is a great way to have more space in your room and get some spring driving practice. 
Before you head out, make sure you know about loading up your car and making sure there is not too much extra weight to prevent damage to your car. Also make sure you can see out of your windows to keep you safe! 

Conclusion – Practice driving in spring

Get out and about and enjoy the weather with spring driving practice.  

There are many opportunities for private practice in spring. Enjoy the freedom of being out on the road (with your supervising driver!) and enjoy nature and the warmer weather. 
You can try out driving on different road types, following a sat nav/road signs, driving with passengers or trying out manoeuvres. It doesn’t have to be hard or boring to get out for private practice this spring!