Last Updated on February 1, 2023

Collingwood Insurance is working closely with the Driver 2020 research project. Play your part in the biggest every learner driver research project and lay the foundations for empowering young drivers to become more confident and skilful in their first year of driving.

What is the Research About?

The research is looking at different ways to make young drivers safer, more confident and more skilful in their first year of driving – a period we know from previous research to be one that new drivers find challenging.

The Driver 2020 project want to understand how young drivers experience different driver training approaches and the effect they have on their driving. The results from the research will shape how young drivers learn to drive before and after the driving test. The research is the largest trial of its kind anywhere in the world.

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How Does It Work?

There are a few methods of research within the project that would require learners to participate in a number of activities, all of which are free, including;

Using an App to Log Your Learning

You may be required to log your learning milestones and progress as you take driving lessons and private practice using a free mobile app. Logging your time and development is a great way to improve as a new driver and will instil confidence in your ability to drive.

Learning to drive isn’t all about passing your test as quickly as possible; it’s about making sure that you have the chance to develop crucial skills and experience before driving alone.

The LogmyLearning app will keep a record of how many hours of practice you do on the road, as well as the road types and weather conditions under which you do it. The more time spent gaining real life experience of driving, the more confident and safer a driver you will become.

As you will need to be accompanied prior to passing your practical test, if possible you should provide information about the LogmyLearning app to those people who will accompany you (your driving instructor and any other supervising driver). After each driving lesson or practice session, you will submit your feelings about how it went, and your driving instructor/supervising driver can do the same.

This will help you to focus on the things that you need to practice more and also allow for the responsible adults to share information on what has been covered in each lesson/practice journey.


E-learning is essentially an online or digital resource that will help you develop into a safer driver, including videos, quizzes and “how to” guides.

The idea is that by completing an e-learning program you’ll be able to learn what makes a good driver and develop the skills you need to become more confident and safe.

Classroom Sessions

There will also be an opportunity to benefit from classroom based sessions where a tutor will deliver training face to face to help you become a better driver.

If you are a learner or about to start lessons, what are you waiting for? Be part of the future of driving register with Driver 2020.

Are You an ADI?

If you’re a driving instructor Driver 2020 needs your support too. As learner drivers develop and take lessons, it’s important that we also engage instructors to provide feedback on the student. When a student is successfully enrolled into Driver 2020 they will have the ability to invite their instructor to the program too.

Your role as an ADI in this project is to provide pupils with feedback on their progress, advise them on how they can best use private practice sessions to develop their skills and experience, and to encourage them to spend as practice on road as possible.

If you’re an ADI and you would like to encourage your students to register and develop with Driver 2020, share this article with your students.