Last Updated on January 10, 2023

Many people can’t wait until they turn seventeen so they can get behind the wheel. If you’re a learner driver who is ready to take your driving test, then look at these six things learner drivers wish they knew before passing their driving test.

Graduating From a Being a Learner Driver Can be Expensive

The expenses of driving don’t stop after you pass your test. A lot of people rush into getting a car and forget about all the additional costs which include road tax, car insurance, MOT, servicing, and maintenance (fuel, tyres, etc.). Without thinking about these costs you might end up with problems in the future, so always make sure you can afford it before you invest in lessons. This is a common thing learners wish they knew before passing their driving test and can be hard to avoid if you have already rushed and got a car.

Lot’s of Learner Drivers Fail Their Frist Driving Test

We have previously discussed this in a post about overcoming anxiety in your driving test. Only 45.7% of young drivers pass their test first time and only 1 % of people who pass, pass with no minors. So many learner drivers get embarrassed to say that they have failed their test or to say how many times it took to pass. Understand that not passing a driving test is common, but with lots of practice, you will pass and you will feel fantastic! As hard as it is, don’t get too down on yourself if you don’t pass your driving test first time. After all, it’s the only way you’ll improve.

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Make The Most Of Your Driving Lessons

Let’s be honest, all learner drivers want to pass their driving test as soon as possible, which makes sense. The idea of taking our time, sounds odd right? Well, many drivers don’t actually feel confident, many avoid certain manoeuvres and even avoid certain roads and car parks altogether. More lessons or private practice would have increased confidence. So don’t rush, focus on the quality of your driving and not how long it takes you to pass.

You Might Hate It at First

Not everybody enjoys driving and even more to the point, not everyone loves learning. A lot of people talk up learning to drive, they’re excited about the freedom driving can provide, but you might not have the same experience. Everyone has good and bad lessons, so don’t let a bad lesson discourage you. Although the journey of learning to drive usually ends in your attainment of independence and freedom, it might not be fun. Believe it or not, not everyone likes driving and some see it as a necessary evil.

­­­­Passing Your Test Doesn’t Mean You’re A Good Driver

When you pass your driving test you aren’t a world class professional driver. It simply means you have just reached the minimum requirement of safety that is allowed on our roads. The first drives on your own will be weird and terrifying, you’re not used to driving without having somewhere there, but you will get used to it. Like with many things you will continue to learn and get better over time.

Learning to Drive Costs A Lot

Most people know to learn to drive is expensive, but not many people realize quite how expensive it is. To make it easier for you to see, these are the costs for the average person learning to drive:

  • Starting off your Provisional License will be £34 online (£43 if you post)
  • Your theory will cost £23 (if you pass the first time)
  • In 2019, the average price for a driving lesson is £25 and it is recommended to have 45 hours of driving lessons before you sit your test. This adds to £1,125 for your lessons altogether.
  • Your driving test will cost £62 on weekdays ( £75 on evenings, weekends and bank holidays)

Assuming you pass your test the first time, the complete total would be £1,221. This is without getting insured for private practice, apps and revision books. It might be expensive but the freedom is worth the price. It is important to note that private practice can save you money on lessons. You can always check out our award-winning learner’s insurance, where you can learn in yours or another car.

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