How NuBee Works – FAQ’s

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How NuBee New Driver Insurance Works

How does NuBee new driver insurance work?

We’ve made buying car insurance with NuBee very straightforward. Once you pass your test and cancel your Collingwood Learner Driver Insurance, you will receive a link by email which will allow you to obtain a quote if you are eligible. The quote information will be partially completed with a number of assumptions relating to your Learner Driver policy. If you are not eligible at this stage, you can call our NuBee Team on 0345 470 2550 who will be able to look at this for you.

What is a NuBee new driver insurance policy?

Our NuBee new driver insurance is aimed at drivers who have just passed their practical driving test. You will fit a telematics device called Theo to your windscreen, which records your journeys and the way you drive, basically, the better you drive, the better your driving score will be. Your driving score may help you receive a preferential premium when your policy is due for renewal.

Will I be covered immediately with a NuBee new driver insurance policy?

Yes. You are covered as soon as you set up a policy and make the necessary payment.

How does NuBee handle my data?

NuBee handles all customer data in adherence with current Data Protection legislation. This includes the General Data Protection Regulation and Data Protection Act 2018. For more details on how your data is processed, and your rights, please refer to the NuBee privacy policy.

Who are Collingwood Insurance Services (UK) Ltd?

Collingwood Insurance Services (UK) Ltd. is a UK based insurance intermediary with offices in the North East. We sell NuBee car insurance on behalf of a panel of insurers. We have been providing our customers value and excellent customer service since 2006.

Do you notify the DVLA?

Once you set cover up with NuBee, we upload information regarding all policies to the DVLA on a regular basis.  Unfortunately, we have no control over when they upload this information to their database however you can expect the DVLA to be updated in around 72 hours. You also have access to a Certificate of Motor Insurance in your online account to confirm your policy start date and time.

Why do NuBee charge an intermediary fee?

Collingwood Insurance Services (UK) Ltd (CISL) charge an intermediary fee for managing and servicing the policy on behalf of your insurer.