Incidents, Claims & Accidents FAQ’s

If you can’t find the answer to your question below, contact us via email at or call us on 0345 470 2550.

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What should I do if I’m involved in an accident?

You can report an accident in two ways:

Log in to the NuBee portal and follow the instructions

Call us on  0333 222 5805.

Our Claims Line is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What is the NuBee Claims process?

You need to understand your responsibilities if you have a claim. It’s your responsibility to inform us if you have an accident, regardless of whether you want to claim or not. There’s lots of information on the NuBee Driver app to help you.

The claim telephone number is above, store it in your phone under A NuBee, that way it will be at the top of your address book if you need it quickly.

If you have an accident:

Stay calm and get somewhere safe. If you can call us, do so straight away. We are happy to talk to people involved and gather the information we need – day or night.

If you can’t call us at the scene, make it a priority to report the accident immediately afterwards. Give the other party our claim number – we may be able to help them too and even provide them with a courtesy car.

Take down contact details of all people involved, including any witnesses. We need their full name, address, phone number and car registration – even if it is a minor incident or those involved say they don’t want to claim.

Make a note of how many people are in the cars involved and if anyone has been injured.

Take pictures if you can of the cars and the scene of the accident.

What happens during the claim?

We will do everything we can to help you and send you information that you need to know; help us to help you and make sure you have read and understood it. It will help us settle the claim, repair your car and get you back on the road much faster.

Remove all personal belongings from your car as soon as it is practical – and before the car is recovered.

Send us any communication from the other parties’ insurer or documents we request as soon as possible.

What if my car is stolen?

First call the Police and get a Crime Reference Number from them.

Next, call us to report the theft and make an insurance claim on 0333 222 5805We will continue to collect data from your device so may be able to locate the vehicle and help the police find it.

When I take out a policy what should I check?

Check your statement of fact and make sure we hold accurate information about you, your drivers and your car. Your policy is based on the information you’ve told us, if any of it is wrong it could affect your cover and any claims you might make.

Understand what your cover is and familiarise yourself with the NuBee Portal – it’s there to help you be a safer driver.

Take a moment to check the excesses you have.

Hint:  An excess is the amount you will be required to pay if you have a claim. Your policy may include both compulsory excesses and voluntary excesses. Voluntary excesses are optional, and you can increase these to reduce the cost of your insurance, however they can quickly add up. Make sure you can afford to pay the excess you have agreed to.

What happens if I get a cracked windscreen?

Windscreen cover is included within your NuBee Insurance policy. Call our approved windscreen service National Windscreens on 0800 587 6817 to arrange your repair or replacement.

If I have an accident and the Theo device is damaged, do I need to pay for a new one?

The cost of a new Theo device would be classed as a repair cost, which would be covered by your NuBee Insurance policy. If you change your vehicle after a total loss claim, you may have to pay for a new box to be fitted depending on the outcome of the claim.