NuBee Quote FAQ's

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How do I get a NuBee new driver insurance quote?

Once you pass your practical driving test and cancel your Collingwood Learner Driver Insurance, you will receive a link by email which will allow you to obtain a quote if you are eligible.  The quote information will be partially completed with a number of assumptions relating to your Learner Driver policy.  If you are not eligible at this stage you can call the NuBee Team on 0345 470 2550 who will be able to look at this for you.

How do I ensure I get an accurate NuBee New Driver Insurance Quote?

Make sure you give full, accurate and honest answers to all of our questions so that we can provide you with an accurate quote. Some info you’ll need to have handy includes:

  • The registration or the make and model of the car you want to insure
  • Double check whether the car has been modified inside or outside in any way
  • How many miles per year you think/know you’ll be driving
  • Where the car will usually be kept overnight
  • Confirmation that you’ll be the main driver of the car
  • Whether you’re a student or you work, in which case we’ll need to know what your job is
  • Any named driver details such as DOB, date they passed their test and any penalty points they may have

Can I pay for my NuBee new driver insurance monthly?

Yes. You can either pay for your insurance for the year in full with a single payment, or by monthly instalments (subject to normal credit checks).

We can arrange a credit agreement with Close Brothers Premium Finance to help you spread the cost over monthly instalments, as NuBee are an intermediary and not a lender.

Please be aware that if you choose to pay for your policy monthly this will be more expensive than paying annually.

Full terms and conditions are available on request.