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Thinking of changing your car?

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If for whatever reason you feel it’s time for a change, these three easy steps will make changing your policy part-way through, a breeze:

1. Get in touch – once you know the registration number or have an idea what car you’ll be buying, and we can talk you through your options
2. If you decide to go-ahead, we’ll make an instant mid-term adjustment to your policy
3. We’ll issue new documents to you with updated information

Wondering about finding another provider?

We’ll support your decision to change providers and do what we can to help transition, however there are some things to consider:

• Staying with us means you won’t need to find a deposit for your insurance if you pay monthly
• Continuing with us means your ‘No Claim Discount’ will continue to be built up
• We won’t need to apply any cancellation fees to cover ending the policy mid-term

Whatever your plans, contact the New Driver Contact Centre on

0345 565 2944 during our opening hours and we can work through it with you.

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