Additional Driver

If Collingwood Insurance has agreed to additional driver cover, then the named driver would enjoy Social, Domestic and Pleasure use only. Commuting/business use is excluded.

Providing you are the owner of the insured vehicle, you may add a Parent or Husband/Wife, to your policy. The additional driver must hold a valid UK Full driving licence for 3 years or more and must also own & insure their own vehicle whilst named on your Collingwood Policy.

The Collingwood learner driver policy provides cover for the policyholder and any named driver as shown on the Certificate of Motor Insurance

Driving Licence

We will email you to request copies of your driving licence. For information on how to obtain your driving record please visit the DVLA website and follow the instructions on how to obtain/share your driving licence information.

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The Plastic card provides information on the cardholder i.e. name, date of birth and the address recorded with the DVLA.

The Driving Licence Record provides information on your driving history and any conviction/endorsement which may be held on your record by the DVLA.

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You are able to upload the required documents by logging into your online account. You can also send a copy of your Provisional Driving Licence using either of the following methods:

  • Email to
  • By post to Collingwood Learners, Collingwood House, Earl Grey Way, North Shields, Tyne & Wear, NE29 6AR
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As the holder of a driving licence issued in England, Scotland or Wales you will have access to your driving record via the DVLA website. You can access your record or gain an access code by logging into

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The form is part of your contract and is an agreement to debit future monthly payments from the credit/debit card provided. The form will be emailed to you upon inception of cover. It must be completed and either uploaded to your online account or returned to us at the email address provided.

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Your policy will not automaticaly renew, as this a Learner Driver product and your Licence status may change during the term cover. We will issue an annual renewal prior to expiry of your current policy.

Category: Payment

Upon cancellation of cover, we will process any refund due immediately, and this would usually credit the card payers account within 3-5 working days. If you have opted for Direct Debit via a Third party credit provider, we would await reconciliation of your account, which can take up to 12 working days and we would then be able to process any refund due.

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You must notify us as soon as you have passed your practical driving test. Your policy will be cancelled, and a refund of unused premium will be returned to you.

It depends on the preferred method of payment that you opted for when you purchased the policy. If you selected Automatic Card Tranaction then this is a fixed date which cannot be changed.

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Policy Conditions

Yes. Once you have completed a quotation you can either save the quote or click “buy now” and proceed to purchase.

Each Learner Driver is required to hold their own Insurance policy. However, more than one learner can drive the same car.

The additional cover options are selected prior to purchase and cannot be added to a live policy.

No. Your cover will commence on the date and time you selected. Your documents can be accessed immediately to read or download in your online account.

We send the information regarding all new policies to DVLA on a daily basis, however, we have no control over when they upload it.

Yes, Collingwood covers both taking tuition and sitting your test in the insured car. Your driving instructor or accompanying driver will be required to drive the car home after passing your test. If the unfortunate happens and you fail to pass, they will also be required to return the car directly home.

You must notify us as soon as you have passed your practical driving test. Your policy will be cancelled, and a refund of unused premium will be returned to you.

You may carry passengers whilst taking tuition, however, we would suggest that this may become an unnecessary distraction.

No. The Collingwood Certificate of Motor Insurance carries an endorsement to prevent the release of an impounded vehicle.

Following the cancellation of the Annual Learner Driver policy and having completed 10 consecutive claim-free months of driving, we will provide a letter on a single occasion confirming an entitlement to an accelerated 1 year no claims bonus for presentation to a new insurer. Acceptance would be at the discretion of your new Insurer.

You can cover more than one vehicle, providing you purchase a separate policy for each vehicle. Log into your online account and click on existing customer new quote.

Please refer to your Insurance schedule. Windscreen cover is included in Comprehensive cover only and is subject to £100 excess.

You can email us with your new address details or call us on the Helpdesk number 0345 470 0014

Yes. A change of vehicle or any other policy amendment is subject to a non-refundable administration fee, which is detailed in the Terms of Business Agreement.

No. Any incident that occurs whilst you are taking supervised tuition will be recorded on your Learner Driver Policy and handled by Collingwood.

If you are the registered keeper/owner of the insured vehicle, the policy offers the level of insurance as detailed in your schedule and policy document and therefore does not need to be insured elsewhere. If you are not the registered keeper/owner then the policy only covers the vehicle whilst you are undergoing driving tuition, therefore, the vehicle owner must have the vehicle insured elsewhere for the duration of the Collingwood policy.

Yes – providing you are the registered keeper of the vehicle.

You can drive any vehicle providing a policy has been purchased in your name for the vehicle, its value is under £20,000 and it meets the underwriting criteria. Collingwood does not offer Learner Driver cover for convertible, cabriolet, SUV or vans.

If you choose to pay monthly, a new certificate will be made available in your online account following each successful monthly payment.

The proposer is the Learner driver/provisional licence holder.

You must be aged 17-65 years and hold a valid UK Provisional driving licence, issued in England, Scotland or Wales.

Vehicle owner is not the policyholder

Yes. As the registered owner/keeper of the vehicle, you must have the vehicle insured in your own name for the duration of the Collingwood Learner driver policy. A “driving other cars” extension, does not qualify as adequate insurance.

No. They must be accompanied by any person over 21 years of age, who has held (and still holds) a valid full UK/EU Licence in the same category as the vehicle they are driving, for at least 3 years.

If the Provisional Licence holder has a Comprehensive Policy with Collingwood and they have an accident in your vehicle, whilst driving correctly supervised and within the terms and conditions of the Learner driver policy, the claim would be made against their Collingwood policy – not yours.


You may proceed by clicking “OK” if the information you have provided is correct.

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